I learned the music by ear but can't make out all the lyrics. Can you email, fax or read me just the lyrics?

The lyrics of a song are as much under copyright protection as the melody, chord progressions and arrangements. Email and fax, like photocopying, constitute "electronic storage, retrieval and reproduction", which is specifically banned in the copyright laws. It is important that people respect the "intellectual property" rights of composers and lyricists, if we want them to continue to make the product of their musical creativity available to us. We urge everyone to abide not only by the letter of the law but by the spirit in which it was created. Ignoring the copyright laws only causes higher prices, fewer new titles published, increases the number of items put Permanently Out of Print and fewer publishers and retailers to provide the remaining publications.

I'm not sure that I have enough information about the music I want to order. Can you find it for me anyway?

The amount of information needed to locate a publication varies with the type of music. For example, a popular song can often be located simply by it's title, while a classical piano solo may not be found if the composer is unknown. Sometimes a staff member will recognize works from limited information simply because of popularity or personal familiarity. It is best to call our staff if the information that you have is insufficient. Our staff members will be able to tell you what additional information is needed and offer suggestions of how you may be able to obtain or verify that information. A complete list of "information needed"; is: Title (including Opus # and key when appropriate), Composer, Arranger, Instrumentation or Voicing, Publisher, Publisher's catalog number.

I need this music right away. How fast can you get it to me?

Orders are shipped by US Postal Services (USPS) or United Parcel Services (UPS). Shipping time can vary from 1 day to 1 week depending on your location and the class of shipping used. Next Day UPS and Express Mail can be quite expensive, however if an order is placed before 3:00 PM Eastern Time for materials that are in stock, these are options for obtaining the music the next day. Items that are out of stock and must be ordered from the publisher normally take 10-14 days to arrive at our location, before being shipped on to you. For this reason it is best to try to place orders more than 2 weeks prior to when you will need the materials. Our sales staff will be happy to quote you the cost on special shipments when 2nd Day, Next Day and Saturday Deliveries are nessecary. (Prices will vary with the weight of the order.)

My favorite group just released a new album. When will the sheet music be available?

Occasionally a hit single or matching folio will appear within a few days of the record album, though more often it is several weeks at best. Some albums do not come out till months after the recording. Watch the Billboard Top 100 Hot, R&B and Country Single A-Z listings for a publishers initials at the end of the title listing (such as WB, CLM, HL). This indicates that publishing rights have been assigned, which must occur before a song is published. It does not however guarantee that it has been or will be published.

I've looked over your Website but can't find a catalog. Am I missing something?

With publications from over 500 companies representing over 1100 publishers worldwide our inventory numbers in the hundreds of thousand titles. Our goal is to have our inventory searchable on the our Website. Please check back often for updates to our Website.

I want to come to your store. How do I get there?

We're easy to find. Check out our map and driving directions page for detailed directions. We are open to the public Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM EST.